Rome: A Perfect Destination for Wine Lovers

Rome is a delightful city and a fantastic choice for a holiday.

It has plenty of cultural and historical sites, many nice squares with fountains, a lot of parks and a fabulous choice of cafes, trattorias and pizzerias. One could never be bored while in Rome thanks to the endless number of landmarks, the palatable local cuisine and the superb wine.

The lucky travellers who happen to be on a longer holiday in the Italian capital are offered yet one more opportunity. They can break from the tourist crowds in Rome by signing up for one of the numerous local wine tours. By doing so, they can immerse themselves in the greenery and fresh air of the area and get the chance to enjoy the authentic Italian countryside. Tours offer the opportunity to sample wine and incredibly delicious local meals while being surrounded by romantic villas, family houses and old castles.

Italy is among the major wine producing countries in the world with plenty of family wineries and lavish vineyards in each region of the country. Closest to Rome are wineries in the regions of Umbria, Latium, Tuscany, and Abruzzi.  There are a range of different wine tours to these regions, all starting from the capital city. Tours are open to experts and wine lovers and operate with two or more participants. They are available in several languages and organised in small groups, which makes for an intimate experience.

In the past, Italians used to drink wine only with their meals.  Today, Rome is home to many wine bars where locals enjoy spending time.  It is also not unusual for them to treat themselves with a short wine holiday near the city. In Italian, the process of wine tasting is called degustazione and besides trying several types of wine, different flavours and combinations, many wineries near Rome also offer you the chance to buy a bottle and take it home with you.

The wine tours near Rome are usually led by a wine expert and last for 2-4 hours. At the beginning of the tour, participants are introduced to the basic rules of wine tasting after which the wine evaluation starts. Participants are welcome to sample a wide variety of wines and are offered nice treats and appetizers such as olives, crostini, salami, and cheese. Some of the wine tours are focused on a specific type of wine, depending on the interest of the participants and the production of the particular winery. Wine tasting is followed by an open discussion with an experienced sommelier or a light dinner during which the guide offers advice on the best combinations of wine, cheese and meat dishes. The idea of the wine tours near Rome and all over Italy is for the participant to have a fantastic time while discovering which wine one likes most.

In case you have decided to treat yourself to a wine tour near Rome, bookings can be made online and prior to your trip to Italy. Note that pre-booking is highly recommended to avoid disappointment since wine tasting tours near Rome sell out quickly. The price given is usually per person, yet some wine tours offer a special price for groups. The great experience you will have is guaranteed and once the wine tour has ended you will be able to better evaluate the wine in the glass in front of you.

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