Saint Helena is one of the world’s most remote islands.

Rich in historical significance, Saint Helena is where Napoleon Bonaparte was imprisoned having been exiled by the British in 1815.

It was also here that Napoleon died in May 1821.  Whilst his remains have been disinterred and returned to Paris, you can still visit his grave when visiting Saint Helena.  Whilst on the island, Napoleon stayed at The Briars for a few months and later relocated to a house in Longwood.   Both properties can be viewed by appointment.

Whilst immersing yourself in local history, Saint Helena offers a number of museums, fortifications and old buildings.  It even boasts a castle that was built by the British in 1659 and is now the seat of government.

Jacob’s Ladder is a staircase rising to Ladder Hill Fort – it is not for the feint of heart though.  Built in 1829 and rising 699 steps, it climbs 270m and culminates with a 180m drop.  The climb is arduous and few tourists manage to reach the top in one go.  Whilst the ladder has railings, there are no landings or rest points so for those afraid of heights or not particularly fit, it might not be a good idea!

The governor’s home is worth a look – it is even home to land tortoises.  One such resident is rumoured to be the oldest living vertebrate in the world!

Saint Helena is steeped in history but also offers stunning scenery.  It offers wonderful diving opportunities as its waters are pristine and underwater wildlife and wrecks are plentiful.  Dolphins and whales live permanently in the region of Saint Helena and whale watching trips operate year-round.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Saint Helena is known as a star-gazing destination.  The darkness of the night sky qualifies Saint Helena “Gold Tier” status which is the highest ranking awarded by the International Dark Sky Association.  Don’t forget to look up!

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