Thinking of Scotland for holiday, historical adventure or sightseeing tour?

Scotland has a vast array of tourist attractions ranging from lonely castles to outstanding sceneries and impressive Highland cattle.

You can explore this country by boat, canoe, taking a walk on the foot trails, bus or car allowing you to tailor your trip to meet your desires.

There are many attractions to visit across the country; from museums and galleries, huge heritage properties, impressive distilleries and attractive and engaging outdoor activities centres. Scotland is a wonderful destination with amazing places to visit.

If you consider yourself a bit of a history buff, visit the National Museum of Scotland which displays collections of ancient artefacts and precious objects or learn about Scottish 19th Century fine art at the Scottish National Library.  You can also take a tour around the Gallery of Modern Art to see the contemporary arts movement or discover tales of the 13th Century Scottish War of Independence at the National History War Museum.

If it’s not too cold, venture along the walking paths on the shores of Loch Lomond or see the iconic Edinburgh Castle mounted on top of Castle Rock, an impressive 700-million-year-old extinct volcano.   This castle boasts beautiful views of the Edinburgh skyline which is not to be missed –  especially at night time. From here you can see St Gile’s Cathedral which is a well-known feature of the Edinburgh’s skyline.

Take some time to stroll around Helix Parklands, famous for the art installation of two horse heads named ‘Two Kelpies’.  This park is a must-see with the 72-acre gardens providing a place of peace and serenity with walking trails, cycle paths and canals galore.  Scotland really has something for everyone!

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