Smartraveller Warnings

Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Go Insurance relies on the Australian Government’s Smartraveller website to provide information in relation to current warnings around the world.

Go Insurance will not provide cover for any travel within the Do Not Travel and Reconsider Your Need To Travel areas.

Do Not Travel Updated 10/8/18
Destination Issue date
Afghanistan 03-Aug-18
Burundi 06-Nov-17
Central African Republic 24-Apr-18
Chad 25-Jun-18
Iraq 22-Jun-18
Libya 22-Jun-18
Mali 26-Jul-18
Niger 22-Jun-18
Somalia 22-Jun-18
South Sudan 10-Nov-17
Syria 25-Jun-18
Yemen 22-Jun-18
 Lebanon / Beirut  22-June-18
Reconsider your Need to Travel Updated 10/8/18
Destination Issue date
Northern Lombok & Gili Islands 07-Aug-18
Algeria 25-Jun-18
Bangladesh 02-Aug-18
Burkina Faso 03-Mar-18
Democratic Republic of the Congo 18-Jun-18
Egypt 25-Jun-18
Eritrea 03-Apr-18
Mauritania 22-Jun-18
Nicaragua 31-May-18
Nigeria 12-Jul-18
North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) 06-Sep-17
Pakistan 30-Jul-18
Puerto Rico 10-Apr-18
Saudi Arabia 22-Jun-18
Sudan 16-Jan-18
Venezuela 24-Apr-18

To stay up-to-date with Australian Government travel warnings, visit the Smartraveller website.  You can also register your trip and travel insurance details with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade via this website and/or subscribe to receive Travel Alert updates for countries you plan to visit on your trip.



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