Visiting the Solomon Islands is a unique experience.

This country is made of more than 900 islands and it is waiting for you in the South Pacific.

The islands have been inhabited for thousands of years but only received their name after the first Spanish navigator, Álvaro de Mendaña arrived in 1586. In 1893, the British decided to take the area under their protection. So even though Solomon Islands has been an independent country since 1978, it retained the British monarchy. The official language is English, making things even easier for tourists.

Solomon Islands is a paradise for nature lovers and a treasure trove of historical memorial sites. The exotic landscape offers untouched nature but spread in the jungle and in the ocean, there are relics of the Second World War.

You could begin your journey in Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands. When you step into this country for the first time, you are already on historic land. The area of the airport was a battlefield back in 1942. All around the city, among modern administration buildings, colleges and museums, you can see memorials and parks dedicated to war and peace. On gorgeous beaches you can see destroyed ships. The war has definitely left a mark here.

But not everything on offer in Solomon Islands is related to the Second World War. This place is blessed by nature with stunning green forests, mangroves, turquoise lagoons, volcanic islands and a sunny climate. Climbing volcanos, hiking, surfing, diving and snorkeling are the best sport activities. This place is made for living outdoors, for ecotourism and exploring. Take a trip to Rennell Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site to see forests full of orchids and exotic birds, untouched beaches and coves.

Solomon Islands is a mix of ethnic groups spread around the archipelago. Although they have an official language, they prefer to speak Solomons Pijin and as many as 70 other dialects. Traditions and habits have Polynesian influences, but small communities have their own culture. It is interesting to visit leaf-hut villages in the middle of the jungle and experience different ways of life. Be prepared however, some things might be shocking.

To have a paradise at your feet, this is what Solomon Islands is about. You won’t find crowded beaches, you won’t stand in line for lemonade. This is a country of natural history, of wonders and luxuriant vegetation. This is a place to discover the ocean’s treasures, the jungle and different cultures. The wounds of the Second World War are still visible, but the power of nature will heal them in the end.

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