South Korea is an East Asian country which combines very old traditions and very modern technologies.

South Korea is a democratic country, unfortunately known for its conflict with North Korea. They are two countries divided by politics but united by culture and traditions. 

This beautiful peninsula boasts more than 5,000 years of civilization, amazing landscapes, Buddhist temples and a busy modern life that will take your breath away.

South Korea is a mix of new technology and green countryside with picturesque fishing villages. Seoul, its capital, is a huge city, with skyscrapers, business centres and very busy people. The city is clean and luxurious, with futuristic architecture and rooftop parks. Among the wonders of technology, there are museums, gardens, palaces and Buddhist temples full of history and peace. Take for example the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Built in 1395, the palace had, in its glory days, more than 7,000 rooms and was the main royal residence. Every piece of history is a stepping stone in your journey. Seeing the differences between cultures will always enrich you.

Seoul is full of life, day and night. It is home to the main universities in the country and pop culture is blossoming here. The city is also known for the culture of beauty – It has several thousand beauty salons and aesthetic surgery centres. People from all over the world come here to transform into a better version of themselves.

South Korea is also a destination for those who look for tranquility and relaxation. The countryside is a place of contemplation and admiration. The cherry blossom season is celebrated with festivals and joy. Organic and vegetarian food offer nourishment to those in need. Seoraksan National Park, a natural monument preservation area, invites its visitors to see mountains covered in snow, spectacular sunrises and beautiful scenery. Here you can embrace nature, taste local food, live in the present moment and immerse yourself in the Buddhist philosophy.

A country of contrasts, South Korea is ambitious and hard working. Glorifying its ancestors and looking forward to the future, this country has found its balance. In South Korea, learning is almost the national sport alongside taekwondo. Emerging technologies have a solid ground here. Add the love for aesthetics, a united spirit and an inexhaustible mind, you can imagine a very interesting journey.

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