Spain is full of culture, arts and history.

By population, Spain is the seventh largest country in Europe.  It boasts a monarchy and is one of the best summer holiday places in the world.

It is almost impossible to run out of things to do. With mild weather, diverse landscapes and some of the world’s greatest museums with endless stories, Spain is a much-desired European destination.

Your journey can start in any of the large cities of Spain.

Madrid is the capital and home to the royal family. It is an elegant city, known for its museums and artists. Visit the Prado Museum to see works by Goya and Velázquez, then Reina Sofia Museum to see the famous Guernica by Pablo Picasso. The Royal Palace is in every tourist guide as it is the royal family’s official residence. It was built in the 18th Century and today is used only for state ceremonies. Madrid is a place in which to spend at least a week. With fancy residential neighbourhoods, catchy markets, elegant architecture and art at every step, this city was built to be admired.

But there is another Spanish city that demands admiration and that is Barcelona. The city of Antoni Gaudi is almost entirely a piece of art. Sagrada Familia Church does not need a presentation, even if it is not finished. Book tickets online, otherwise you’ll queue in the ticket line forever. It is impressive and overwhelming – it is very hard to decide where to look first. Park Güell is also on the list of Gaudi’s legacy. But Barcelona also has medieval roots that can be found in the Gothic Quarter.   As if more was necessary, Barcelona has a Magic Fountain with lights and music shows, the famous Las Rambla Boulevard for stolling and sightseeing, a mountain, a funicular and, of course, amazing beaches.

Spain would not be Spain without Andalusia and its flamenco. Visit Sevilla to say Olé and mean it. Visit Granada to feel the Moorish influence and to be amazed by Alhambra Palace. Built in the 10th Century as a fortress, the palace is now an example of Islamic art. Arabesques, fountains, columns and pools adorn the palace in a colourful and luxuriant way.

Try tapas, gazpacho soup and enjoy life on streets lined with orange trees. Then relax in a stylish resort with everything you need in Costa del Sol or go to a party in Ibiza. If you are looking for peace and mindfulness, try Santiago de Compostela on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. Find yourself and discover a place full of history and serenity.

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