One Scandinavian country that can really impress you is Sweden.

With long and dark winters and cold summers, Sweden is nothing like Australia.

But the beauty lies in difference.

You probably won’t understand a word of their Swedish language and some of their habits might feel strange, but Sweden is a great country to visit.

Start your journey in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The nordic atmosphere is catchy and charming. Swedish culture is vibrant, modern, and green. Modern design is mixed with traditional features in a city full of life. Summer or winter, with sunny days or not, Stockholm offers interesting museums, festivals, fairs, a royal palace, and more than one UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After Stockholm, you should visit Gothenburg. Its canals date from the 17th Century and are the delight of tourists. You can see the entire city from a boat.

If you are interested more in nature and landscape than city life, visit Stockholm archipelago. It is just 20 minutes from the capital and has over 30,000 little islands. Among the most visited islands are Landsort, Vaxholm, and Möja. These islands are artists’ favorite places, but many people come here for sports too. Kayaking, cycling and trekking are the most popular activities. For those who are neither artists nor athletes, the islands offer amazing landscapes, spa resorts, bird watching, and haunted castles.

Australia has kangaroos, Sweden has reindeer. If you want to get close and find a new special friend, visit a reindeer farm like Njarka Sami Camp. It is only open from 1 July until 15 August. If you’re planning a winter journey, don’t worry. The farm will be closed, but nearby is Åre, the biggest ski resort in Sweden.

The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) can be seen in Swedish Lapland. From September till March, pack really warm clothes and give it a try. It promises to be a memory of a lifetime. If you want to increase your chances, go to Aurora Sky Station in Abisko National Park. Surrounded by mountains, the area is known for its clear skies. Besides, the place has an observation tower and a café.

Sweden is a clean and open-minded country. Living close to nature, in a tough environment, has made people tolerant and smart. A journey to Sweden is an unforgettable experience.

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