High lifestyle, mountains, chocolate – Switzerland has them all.

Switzerland, a landlocked country in Western Europe knew how to remain peaceful, neutral and rich.

It took advantage of its landscape, which is easy considering the blessed nature offered by Alps and lakes (Switzerland has more than 100 lakes). It is definitely worth the long haul trip to visit the country that established the highest standards in lifestyle.

Some say it is the best democracy in the world. It wouldn’t be a surprise, considering that when other countries went to war, the Swiss were inventing The International Committee of the Red Cross. Today, in Geneva, Switzerland hosts the second largest office of United Nations, where over 10,000 international meetings take place every year.

Switzerland seems to have found the secret to wellbeing. It all began with the mountains, the Alps and a life built around them. The Swiss were mountaineers, shepherds, cheese makers and singers. The natural habitat left a mark on them and, today, the Swiss are enjoying life at its highest level. This means having a picnic in the park during the lunch break, eating artisanal chocolate and fondue, having gorgeous clocks and skiing in stylish winter resorts. It also includes sailing on a lake, speaking four languages and keeping international finances.

Every village and town in Switzerland is designed with style. Nothing is random. You can see the distinct features of every community and influences from the French, Germans or Italians. But you can always recognize the Swiss touch. Visit Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne or Berna to taste the Swiss culture and the Swiss way of life. Visit the villages around Lake Constance, Lake Maggiore or Lake Lucern to understand what lays behind the Swiss spirit and energy. Maybe it is the attention to detail that made them successful. Fondue, for example, was a traditional cheese, made by shepherds. Just a few knew about it. But in 1930 it was made popular by the government, in an attempt to increase consumption of cheese and to help the locals. From this to an international gourmet product was just a step.

Travel around the country by train. It is the best way to do it. The Swiss Railway is the most dense railway network in the world and also one of the oldest. It was established in 1847. Besides taking you everywhere, the train has also been crossing the Alps since 1882. Switzerland is a country you’ll want to see with a backpack and good trekking boots. The landscape is picturesque, with joyful colors all through the year. With temperate four seasons weather, Switzerland has plenty of sun and snow.

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