Taiwan is a small nation that has an area of 180 km and is located east of China.

It prides itself on its exceptional beaches and beautiful Chinese architectural skyscrapers.

Taiwan offers vibrant attractions to its visitors ranging from martial arts museums to unique delicacies and cuisines with diverse cultural and religious practices.

The top tourist attractions in Taiwan include Taipei 101 which is notably one of the city’s most iconic structures being one of the world’s tallest buildings.  Be sure to take a peek at the enormous collection of imperial artefacts when you visit the National Palace Museum.

For the outdoor enthusiast, Toroko Gorge is the place to enjoy trails that lead to the great falls.

If you like to venture into the great outdoors, be sure to visit Yushin National Park where the highest mountain in the country can be found or take a seat on the narrow-gauge train which tours the Alishan Forest, located in the Alishan Mountain Scenic Area.  You can also stop off and have a spot of tea in the Tsou villages with its inhabitants being well known for their tea production.  These parks are known for their long trails and quiet treks so make sure you pack a map, just in case!

Taiwan boasts an abundance of beautiful sandy beaches with most offering water sports such as yachting, jet skiing and scuba diving excursions.  Some of the most highly regarded beaches are Fulong, where the annual Sand Sculpture Festival takes place or Laomei, where you can take a stroll through its misty trenches.  This scenic stretch of green, mossy troughs has been carved out of volcanic rock and meets the sea in the centre of the beach.  With a walkway built through them, this is a must-see!

If you head towards Kaohsiung, see spectacular views of the Lotus Pond where you can walk through the famous dragon and tiger pagodas – it is said that to ward off bad misfortune and gain more good luck, you should walk into the dragon’s mouth and exit through the Tiger’s!

The Penghu is a scattering of small islands slightly west of the mainland.  Here you can find fresh, local seafood to taste, caves and the Penghu Great Bridge. Walk to the source of hot springs in the Yangmingshan Geyers which is a fabulous destination for explorers, with hiking trails leading to the dormant volcano.

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