Tanzania is blessed with idyllic landscapes and bountiful wildlife.

This large country in South East Africa is home to 120 ethnic groups and cultures co-existing in harmony. From its green plains to snow-capped peaks, Tanzania won’t fail to impress you.

Tanzania is one of the best places on earth to observe wildlife. The country is home to the Big Five – lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. There are also many other animal species that roam vast plains, including giraffes, gnus, zebras and hyenas. In this amazing country, you can climb high mountains, enjoy gorgeous seasides and befriend the locals.

Tanzania features many national parks, of which Serengeti NP is most famous. Abundant with wildlife, it offers extraordinary safari opportunities. Get ready to exchange glances with lions as they approach your jeep. Then, head to Selous Game Reserve, which remains untouched by humans for the most part. Once there, take a boat safari to lay eyes on sleepy crocodiles. For a good chance to spot chimpanzees, set off on a forest trek by Lake Tanganyika.

Tanzania is also where Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, dominates the skyline. The mountain features glaciers and a snow-capped peak. Mountaineers walk trails and scale slopes for the most rewarding view on the African continent from Kilimanjaro’s summit. Along the way, rich wildlife and birdlife will come into view. If you are after a moderate trek, Mount Meru may prove to be a good choice.

While you are in Tanzania, allocate time to enjoy the Indian Ocean’s powdery white-sand beaches flanked by palm and baobab trees. If the beauty of beaches is your priority, head to the famous Zanzibar. For exceptional diving, be sure to check out Mafia and Pemba.

Finally, allow friendly locals to amaze you further. In their presence, you will feel like you are an old friend returning from a very long trip. This degree of Tanzanian hospitality is most obvious outside cities.

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