Tonga is a unique country that combines modern life and ancient local traditions.

In Tonga, you can explore the different islets and their reefs, as well as engage in fun-filled adventures.

Among the must-visit places of Tonga are the islands of Tongatapu, where you will witness the remnants of the old civilization, quiet villages and wide plantations. You can also experience an underwater adventure by going to coral-bound reefs and islets.

The white sand beaches and rich coral islands of Ha’apai are some of the other spots that you should visit. In addition, the cool waters and sandscapes of the islands of Vava’u are also worth a visit.

As expected, there are a lot of marine attractions that you should include in your itinerary if you want to fully enjoy the country. Aside from these, you should also visit the coral limestone trilithon called Ha’among ‘a Maui, the flora and fauna of Tofua Caldera, the exotic species of plants in the Eneio Botanical Garden, the natural land bridge of Hufangalupe, as well as the cultural and exquisite Tonga National Museum.

Tongan cuisine involves traditional cooking using open fire or earth stove. Some of the delectable foods in this country include baked breadfruit, staples such as taro, yam, and banana, as well as ‘otai which is a local drink.

Seeking an unforgettable adventure? Visit the country’s cultural festivals such as the festival of Heilala which a national celebration of their King’s birthday. Coincidentally, the national flower, the Heilala blooms at the same time as the festival blanketing the country in shades or reds and pinks.  Explore the vast landscapes, go trekking in lush forests or try sailing, snorkelling, and deep sea diving.

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