Trinidad and Tobago are two siblings with different characters.

This two-island republic is a great destination for nature lovers and fans of entertainment. Trinidad is a lively island where fun goes on while Tobago is a natural wonderland.

Larger Trinidad is also an industrial area featuring mangrove marshes, long beaches and rainforests. This island is a great destination for anyone. Solitude seekers will feel at home while party enthusiasts will be thrilled during the Carnival. A great selection of beaches allows you to choose anything from secluded to busy ones. But if your priority is experiencing pristine nature such as rainforests and attractive seaside without the hustle and bustle, head to Tobago.

Beaches of Trinidad offer various opportunities. On the island’s northern side, you can see dolphins in a calm cove. In the northeast, examine nestings of turtles in the summertime. For great windsurfing, head south to Los Iros. Once you take a break from windsurfing, find Pitch Lake. The world’s largest asphalt lake uncovers remains of wildlife from now and then. Another curiosity of nature to be found in Trinidad are volcanoes that spew mud instead of lava.

For extraordinary diving and snorkeling, Tobago is a great choice. Here you can enjoy hundreds of coral species, reefs, underwater gardens and much more. The protected rainforest is another marvel worth checking out, as well as the island’s marvellous waterfalls.

But if you don’t plan to visit Trinidad and Tobago to relax in nature, the Carnival is the most obvious reason for a visit. This entertaining event is a hallmark of the republic, rightfully considered to be one of the planet’s greatest parties. Put your endurance to the test – feather costumes, limbo competitions, loud music featuring multicultural characters and tons of food and drink are some of the Carnival’s main features.

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