Vanuatu is not an ordinary travel destination.

Popular as a diving site, you can try deep sea diving and also enjoy the view of the active volcanoes on the island.

One of the must-visit places is the seemingly sleepy city of Luganville, which actually has lively streets and extremely warm and friendly people. Also, the waterfront here has a lot of activity that is guaranteed to keep you entertained.

For those who want a taste of adventure, Efate is the place to visit as there are a lot of fishing activities in this spot. If you want to go kayaking or trekking in the jungles, Santo is the perfect place to visit.

In Port Vila, which is the capital, the mesmerizing harbour together with inlets and lagoons await you. Other destinations that you should include in your itinerary are Pele, Pentecost and Ambrym.

Mele Islands’ underwater post offices are also an interesting attraction because you can post letters in a waterproof way. You can also revisit the history of the island with its National Museum that presents significant artifacts.

Are you a nature lover? You can go to Summit Garden where you will find different exotic plants. If you are looking for a great beach to visit, go to Champagne beach which is one of the most popular beaches because of its spectacular white sand.

When it comes to the local cuisine, you must try traditional dishes such as the lap lap, tuluk and the steak that involves age old preparation techniques and local spices.  In terms of beverages, you should try kava and also other locally brewed alcoholic drinks.

Whether you want a relaxed and peaceful holiday or something more adventurous such as trekking, diving, kayaking using a glass bottom kayak, snorkelling, and sailing, Vanuatu is the perfect destination.

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