Zimbabwe is a South African country that is formerly regarded as Africa’s breadbasket.  

Zimbabwe is frequently visited for its natural beauty, rich culture and exciting adventures on offer to travellers.

To start your trip, go to the iconic Victoria Falls where you can find magnificent waterfalls. After exploring this town, move to the city of Hwange to visit the Hwange National Park and the coal fields. Next on your list should be the spectacular valleys of Kamativi and the capital city of Harare where many attractions and monuments are located.

When you visit Zimbabwe, you shouldn’t miss the city of Mutare, which is the third largest in the country. Here, you can see its famous local fort and the nearby port. Other places to include in your itinerary are Thornhill Air Base, the amazing Danangombe archaeological enclosure, the Bulawayo or the City of Kings, Masvingo’s recreational park and game resort, as well as the town of Gwada where you can relax. Also, don’t leave Zimbabwe without having a look at the bronze statue of David Livingstone on the shore.

For the nature lovers out there, the Hwange National Park is a must. This national park is home to over 400 species of birds and 100 different animals. Why not go camping at the Matobo National Park? You can go bird watching in these parks and tour the different animals’ hangouts. Another interesting tourist destination to visit in Zimbabwe is the Chapungu Sculpture Park where you can find wonderful and artistic stone sculptures created by locals. When it comes to the local cuisine, some of the traditional dishes that you should try include the tsunga and sadza.

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