Claims Explained: Inpatient Medical Expenses

No one goes on holiday thinking they will end up in hospital.  But it does happen. It is a condition of most, if not all, travel insurance policies that if … Read More

Salvage: What is it & how does it affect a claim?
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Salvage is a basic principle of insurance. Salvage simply means that once a claim for a damaged item has been paid, the insurer takes ownership of the item.  The insurer … Read More

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions and Travel Insurance

How do Your Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Impact Your Travel Insurance? There is a lot of confusion, fear and misunderstanding amongst travelers when it comes to declaring pre-existing medical conditions to their … Read More

Travel Insurance Claims – Tips and Tricks

Travel insurance claims can be painful … but they don’t need to be. Knowing a few insurance principles can make the process of travel insurance claims a little easier. The Go … Read More